Ebola numbers rise a little…

According to a new Situation Report from the World Health Organisation,[6] the case numbers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo outbreak are now….

  • Total suspected+probable+confirmed: 39
  • This includes:
    • 2 confirmed
    • 12 suspected
    • 25 probable
    • 19 deaths
    • 3 health personnel (2 suspected, 1 fatal)

The first mobile lab became functional in Bikoro on the 12th May.[6]

393 contacts are being monitored, including 292 in Bikoro, 69 in Iboko, 32 in Mbandaka.[6]

Reference sites to watch include…

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  2. https://us13.campaign-archive.com/home/?u=89e5755d2cca4840b1af93176&id=aedd23c530
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