Editor’s Note #27: Anakin Fencewalker joins the Force…

After 19 years, our furry family member had to leave us this Wednesday. His quality of life was decreasing and he had stopped eating – he made the call and he let us know.
He is missed enormously and remembered daily by his human family, for many things.
He saw two PhDs completed; he sat through the writing of 70+ papers, a book, 14 chapters, 11 reviews (all had late night writing components that required pats and scratches), he watched over the growth of two babies and has been with them all their lives; he lived in the two houses my family have known; he was a constant companion to my wife and he kept me (and my keyboard) company while I wrote many pieces for this blog.
Anakin Fencewalker.
Thankyou Anakin.
May the Fence be with you.

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