Flu in a ScienceWeek flash 🏃

I was asked to present a talk for science week 2019. I thought an explanation of the unprecedented 2019 influenza (flu) season (nicknamed flunami) would be a good talk. But 5 minutes – the lightning talk format might have been a bit of an ask. By all means, let me know how you thought Flu in a ScienceWeek flash went by dropping a comment below.

Oh and I already know I need to stand up straighter! And lose 5kg! And get a haircut!😉

Watch for me to speed up when I check the video of a ticking countdown bomb to my right – and panic (thanks moderator Trish)!

I present to you, Flu in a ScienceWeek flash…

17SEPT2019: I’ve removed the video that was posted here as I’ve far too belatedly realised that the Batman meme I included in my slide deck could have brought pain to those who have, or are, living with the horrible spectre of domestic violence.

I offer my unreserved apologies for any harm this may have already caused. The inclusion of the meme was intended to relax the audience, but my lack of thought may have in fact resulted in the opposite for some audience members. I continue to work hard to learn from these sorts of mistakes, to be a better person. This is a self-actuated response and I have not been forced to do this. I’m just a bit slow on the uptake sometimes. I’m Sorry.

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