The reality of vaccination success…

Perhaps we all forget just how well vaccines have protected us over the decades. Here’s a reminder! Vaccination success is not something we keep in front of mind because it’s harder to notice serious and debilitating disease and death when it’s hardly there!

The video below really brings home vaccination success.

I saw it on Twitter (thanks @sunlightandsnow). Enjoy a 99-second reminder of how common some diseases once were, but are no longer, thanks to immunisation.

History of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases in the USA, 1912 to 2017. Animation created by Dr Robert Rhode

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  1. If one only thinks of rabies or tetanus (which have 100% & 50% CFR respectively)! The former has not other medical countermeasures, the latter antibiotics, but the toxins – one produced – damage nerves and cause paralysis of diaphragm muscles (those involved in the act of respiration). Still, some people resists even the tetanus shot, thinking that they might survive (and they could in the 50% of cases or less according the age groups they belong) without suffering or developing debilitating sequelae. Has this behaviour sense? Are there not enough health conditions to suffer other than the few (unfortunately) we could prevent effectively with vaccines? Another reason to prevent diseases with vaccines consists to not end into a overcrowded, unhygienic hospital! There, one could be exposed or colonized by antibiotics-resistant germs that eventually would cause severe or sometimes fatal infections. Be happy and take your shots!

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