Queensland Flu season gives us the cold shoulder…

Laboratory-confirmed influenza data to 17SEPT2017. Data compiled, graphed and published by Queensland Health, The State of Queensland, Australia.

The latest Flu data, fresh from the excellent Epidemiology Research Unit, Communicable Diseases Branch, Queensland Health, shows the usual post-winter spike (shoulder) in Flu cases and the subsequent plunge thanks to a week of fewer confirmed Flu cases.

The report also shows that FluB strains have increased in percentage to 43% of all the detection during the past week – this proportion has been steadily increasing in recent weeks (see Tweet below).

A rise in the representation of FluB after a big FluA year is not uncommon-but FluB seems to affect kids more than older adults so there may be a shift in the age of hospitalised patients as well.

An end to this huge and horrible Flu season is at last approaching. Fast.

For the northern hemisphere, #Fluiscoming.


  1. https://www.health.qld.gov.au/clinical-practice/guidelines-procedures/diseases-infection/surveillance/reports/flu


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  1. Giving a public talk to North American seniors on flu tomorrow – possible to use a higher-res copy of your Queensland graph (and credit you)? We know each other on Twitter @ProfPhoebe!

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