Well done Aussies, the people made marriage equality law….its leaders, not so much

While this entire horrible process of “allowing” our LGBQTI community to legally show their dedication to one another in the eyes of the law – the way the rest of us take for granted – has undoubtedly been painful for them, I’m hoping that it may also have exposed at least some outside this community to some new things.

I’m hopeful that some may have new points of view, have become a little more tolerant, may have had some open conversations with the kids around the dinner table and maybe gained more understanding about the importance of equality.

I also hope this will make an entire generation, their children and their future relationships that much more welcoming to every little difference around them.

If any of this came to pass, then there was a small silver lining to come out of the nastiness. Apart from the overwhelming support of a nation or course.

Love is love and that is finally acknowledged legally.

You beauty!

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