VDU has been in the Spider-Verse this whole time

13 posts. Nearly 3 months of blogging about viruses. 1 central theme.
The musical wall-crawling Spider-Verse.

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Most of my posts this year (2019) have been chosen not by the desire to speak about a certain topic, or because of the release of the latest scientific literature, or even the latest Flu numbers, but by whether I could shoehorn content under the banner of the next title – in order – from 2018’s soundtrack to the Academy Award-winning animated movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. A movie & a soundtrack that I really enjoyed.

And no-one guessed it though. Going into this idea I felt sure that one or two of you would have pulled me up for at least some of these pretty weird and unrelated blog titles.

Track No.Track titleBlog title
1.“What’s Up Danger” What’s up d̵a̵n̵g̵e̵r̵ Flu?
2.“Sunflower” SunFluwer
3.“Way Up” Way up
4.“Familia” Familia figures
5.“Invincible” Invincible: viruses are always out there, take EV-D68 for example
6.“Start a Riot” Starting a riot
7.“Hide” Hide: it’s easy when no-one’s looking
8.“Memories” Memories
9.“Save the Day”Flu vaccines can Save The Day
10.“Let Go” Will violence Let Go of the DRC long enough to kick out Ebola virus?
11.“Scared of the Dark” Scared of the Dark risks
12.“Elevate” Elevate the Flu baseline
13.“Home” Home. It’s where the viruses spread

It’s been pretty liberating not having to think about the content first, but rather how to find something to fit into the title. I recommend this approach as a way to inject some novelty into the writing process. Getting to the end of the tracklist also added pressure to produce content more quickly. Some of you may have noticed a faster rate of writing in recent weeks.

In the end, though almost everything I blogged was still contemporary (Memories being the exception), but perhaps that’s just down to my mad skilz in the use of puns. I saw that eye roll back there!!

Along the way, I think I picked up a more laid-back style to writing up some of the more complex stuff. I hope that sticks with me.

Back to normal programming from here. Blog post titles will at least contain the name of the virus.

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Source: Sony Pictures via Collider

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  1. Well, I admit this you have had is a really good idea! I suspect some of my bleak blog’s posts would have been more alluring if titled after some of my favorite music: La Javanaise (or the lost H5N1 Indonesian story); My Weakness (on measles virus); Don’t look any further (to these nasty subjects)…

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